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Established 2013 sucicidedubz a digital record label launched to provide a platform for up and coming drum and bass house and dubstep producers to get there talent noticed  Up and coming digital record label bringing you the best drum & bass , House and Dubstep music, only the freshest beats around the globe.We aim to provide you people the music that you want to hear.

Welcome to our Website


Darth Raver Photon remix(Jdubz Dark Territory Remix)

(OUT NOW !!!)


Under the City  Eternity/Exodus

(OUT NOW !!!)



Curse EP

(OUT NOW !!!)


Regular Basis-

Otters & Pockets EP

(OUT NOW !!!)


Disturbo - Deepness overload EP

(OUT NOW !!!)


Krooga -

Dictator EP

(OUT NOW !!!)

Forthcoming release’s dates

2 labels under one roof

Easy people please find our new soundcloud page as many people have lost us on our team up with shattereddrumz, you will find all our releases here

Sdd enterprise


After our success of our first year we launched Shattereddrumz digital and now instead of running to soundclouds we have merged into one makes things a lot easier to deal with and much better for both labels to run smoother. We still here putting out the vibes people so keep it locked  

stay blessed people


Master Swae,Krspy,Nicro,Clipkey,Subkilla,BassShock,Basstripper,The Darkside,Effectual Prowess,Guillotine,SD TheoryK-I

Keep your eyes open for some killer tracks from these guys find all our forthcoming tracks on our soundcloud page.

Out to all our new artist’s that have joined the SDD team over the last few weeks and plenty more people wanting us to sign them. Its unbelievable what you guys put in to your work, keep it up because we love every second of it. If it was not for you lot there would be no Suicidedubz or SDD Enterprise.

Many thanks everyone and keep on supporting us as we grow  

Latest News

Suicidedubz Digital, has new artist’s more to follow soon! Watch this space we’re getting bigger each day.

Things moving at a fast rate for Suicidedubz Digital to many people to thank for putting the work in and making this as big as it is already.

Forthcoming track’s from


Access -

Strictly bangerz EP

(OUT NOW !!!)


Master Swae -

Wild West EP

(OUT NOW !!!)


Bass'tos -

 I Give You

(OUT NOW !!!)

Yes Yes people Suicidedubz and shattereddrumz have now teamed up and are under the new brand known as SDD Enterprise, teamed up to make one killer brand